Part-Time Retirement Overseas

“I have been reading your overseas retirement materials for a dozen years or more. I notice that there is a change from recommendations of selling everything in the United States and canceling your expensive health insurance to suggesting an option of part-time expat living while maintaining a place in the United States.

“We recognized early in the game that selling everything and getting out and into a full-time life overseas would not be the right thing for us. Instead, we visit places outside the United States three or four times a year for two- to three-week periods. In each place, we rent a little apartment and experience living as a native.

“It works well for us, as we like some variety in where we go. In some places we have noticed important negative changes and have said to ourselves it sure is good that we didn’t buy and move here full-time.

“We do get very good leads on these places to experience from our readings.

“In the United States we have sold the big home, downsized to only one vehicle. We have a 1,400-square-foot condominium overlooking a lake. The place is gated and has a beautiful heated pool, tennis court, and shopping and restaurants that we can walk to. We can take a bus downtown. A 500-bed hospital with all the services we need is seven minutes by car from our door.

“This city of 30,000 is Winter Haven, Florida. Living here allows us the ability to travel whenever we choose. Orlando International airport is 40 minutes away. We can leave our car at the airport area for US$6/day.

“Condos in this area with one, two, three bedrooms are now selling in the US$40,000 to US$90,000 range with plenty of good updated inventory.

“Relocating to a place like Winter Haven and going on adventures to Central and South America and other locations for a few weeks or months at a time might be a better option for others, too. I think that many would find that it can be a cost-effective way to adopt a richer lifestyle.

“We are all getting older. We decided that we need a safety net. I can’t imagine getting sick and then incapacitated living in Central or South America. I’m sure some have done it, but, for me, it would be a total nightmare.

“Just my thoughts on the subject, and I’m glad to see that you are presenting this as an option.

“Thanks for the hundreds of articles you have written over the years. They sure expanded our horizons, and we have enjoyed spending weeks in many of the places you have introduced us to!”

–David and Alexandra Lane, United States

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