Pensionado And Investment Residency Visa Options In Colombia

“Kathleen, I recently joined your organization but had emergency spinal surgery during your Orlando conference so needless to say I couldn’t be there. Can you direct me towards answers to one question? Residency visas for Colombia… easy, hard, worth it? Investment required? Just some basic answers and perhaps an attorney referral if possible. Thank you.”

–Stan K., United States

Residency in Colombia is easy to obtain, and you have several good options for how to acquire it. This country’s retiree (pensionado) residency option is the most affordable available anywhere. At the current rate of exchange, you need only about US$700 a month to qualify.

The lowest investment option is about US$25,000 at the current exchange rate.

That investment would get you a temporary residency permit that you’d have to renew each year for the first couple of years before applying for permanent residency. You’d need to be in the country once every six months to maintain your status.

The attorney we recommend in Colombia is Juan Darío Gutiérrez.

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