Pet Restrictions And Leash Laws Overseas

“Kathleen, loved the Medellín conference last year and plan to attend more in the future.

“My question at the moment is this: While I appreciate the table pounding about the soaring U.S. dollar and the discount it is providing, how does that translate to your Canadian followers? We are being hurt by the U.S. dollar and yet I see that the Colombian peso has weakened even against our currency. If we have to pay in U.S. dollars for an asset, are we still benefitting? Would appreciate your input.

“Keep up the great work!”

–Donna C., Canada

The Canadian dollar is up against the Colombian peso. It stands today at its strongest level versus the peso since 2006. The Canadian dollar is at an all-time high against the Brazilian real and close to recent historic highs against the Chilean peso and the Myanmar ringgit.

In other words, if you’re investing with Canadian dollars, you have some great opportunities right now. These would not include markets where real estate is priced in U.S. dollars (Panama, Belize, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic, for example), but, again, Colombia definitely would be a good option for you.

Currency opportunities (which are many right now for both Americans and Canadians) will be a focus of my Global Property Summit taking place March 14–16 in Panama City, Panama.

As we’ve mentioned, the VIP places for this event are filling very quickly. Details here.


“Kathleen, I had to respond to Claraetta’s desire for leash laws. Speaking for my Golden Retriever (who can’t write), he loves the ability to play with the other dogs we meet on our walks, and he enjoys sniffing around the woods and running on the beach. He’s afraid to travel to the United States, fearing that he’ll be leashed and neutered.

“We Americans feel safe and secure when cloaked in a thick blanket of regulations…”

–Julie H., Colombia

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