Plan For A Nicaragua Canal

“Kathleen, can you still recommend Nicaragua given the upheaval the proposed Chinese-sponsored canal project will bring to the country?”

–Robert J., United States

What upheaval? More like billions of dollars in foreign direct investment, thousands of jobs created, and enormous potential revenue for the country long term.


“Kathleen, this is Marvin Leonardo, one of your Nicaragua conference attendees. I went to Rivas after last week’s conference to snoop around regarding the Nicaragua Canal. I have found that even most locals and real estate agents in the area don’t know that a new international airport is about to cater to the 50,000 Chinese and international workers coming here to build the canal. I also went to Rio Brito and spoke to some fisherman in the area confirming the arrival of local scientists and Chinese surveyors…”

–Marvin L., traveling in Nicaragua

A Nicaragua Canal has been rumored for decades. In fact, before there was a plan for a Panama Canal, there was a plan for a Nicaragua Canal. Teddy Roosevelt decided to focus on Panama, and we all know the rest of that story.

The idea for a second canal through Nicaragua resurfaced, again, decades ago and has been swirling around since. Finally, though, it seems this is more than an idea.

Our contacts on the ground report evidence that a Nicaragua Canal is on the horizon…suggesting enormous opportunities.

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