Planning For Adventure Travel In Belize

“Kathleen, we’re visiting Belize for the first time this week, Thursday through Sunday. Any advice on what to bring (besides summer clothes and an umbrella)? Should we expect lots of mud (since it’s the rainy season)? Or anything unusual?

“We’re very excited about the trip!” 

–Sheila C., Belize Circle Member, United States

You have the right attitude! As you say, it’s the rainy season in Belize right now, meaning that, yes, you should expect mud. Depending where and how you travel, you might also encounter downed trees on the roads, washed-out roads, detours through fields.

You’re going to have a true Belize adventure. Enjoy it.

Bring bug spray, hiking boots, and long pants and socks if you plan to spend time in the jungle.


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