Political Risk For Investors In Nicaragua

“Kathleen, I’m very interested in Nicaragua but haven’t seen you address the fact that a communist dictator (Daniel Ortega) eliminated term limits in this country. Who is to say he will not confiscate my property, like communists tend to do, in the future. Can you please elaborate on the political conditions in Nicaragua and the direction things are heading?”

–Richard C., United States

Ortega is well into his second consecutive term and has shown no signs of an interest in confiscating property. He did that when he sat as this country’s president the first time around, back after the revolution. Today’s Ortega is older, wiser, and as interested as the rest of us in the upsides that private property rights and capitalist markets can bring. Ortega before was a scruffy revolutionary; Ortega now is as much a businessman as a politician, and he’s keen to attract foreign investment to his country.

No guarantees, of course, but I don’t see this as a concern. I made my first property investment in this country 18 years ago. I made a great return when selling that but since have bought more land that I am very happy to continue holding.

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