Pollution In Asia

“Kathleen, your comment a few days ago about the weather in Boquete, Panama, reminded me of what I experienced in Da Lat, Vietnam. And most homes there do have a fireplace.

“I’ve been living in Kuala Lumpur for almost 11 years, and I feel that it has run its course for me. You call it ‘slippage,’ while I call it a double whammy of high inflation and U.S. dollar devaluation.

“However, medical care and prescriptions are still high quality and very low cost, which has kept me here for so long. But now I’m ready to move on.

“Every year the farmers in northern Indonesia burn off the forest and dried-up swamps for more crop land. This lasts from the end of June to mid-September when the rainy season starts. The haze from this burning covers southern Thailand down to almost Bali. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur get some of the highest levels of pollution from it. Folks with respiratory problems should avoid this area of the world for about four months every year.

“Maybe see you in San Antonio!” That might be just the place for me to find my next home.”

–Frank B., United States

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