Post 9/11 Privacy And Freedom Infringements In The United States

“Kathleen, it appears that your Latin American Correspondent Lee Harrison hit a nerve with his Aug. 15 e-letter. As an American, I can understand why Peter G. took offense to Lee’s e-letter. But, as that same American, I can also understand the concerns of Lee.

“Please remember that, while there are those of us who have lived in other countries as well as in the States and who understand Lee’s point of view by having lived and seen it ourselves, at the end of the day, we are still Americans. I believe this is the one point Lee may not have taken into consideration with his original correspondence and subsequent rebuttal.

“When things go terribly wrong in the world, the world does not look to Latin America, Europe, or other parts of the world for action. The world looks to the United States. Right or wrong, good or bad, this is a fact.

“With that said, Lee has a valid point regarding post-9/11 consequences that appear to be having long reaching impact due to America’s past foreign policy directives. But it is generally recommended that one doesn’t offend a large portion of the audience one depends on to make a living just to prove a point. Yes, the security is quite rigorous entering and leaving the United States, but was it really necessary to rub it in the American’s face?

“I appreciated that you published Peter G.’s response, and I understand why you afforded Lee a rebuttal. Unfortunately, by including a rebuttal, you took away the voice of your reader by in essence saying, ‘I hear you, but I am not listening.’

“I would hope that the awareness brought forth by this discussion will be taken into account when publishing future e-letters. As a former and future expat, I greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that your company provides and will continue to be an avid reader of your articles.”

–Angela E., United States

“Kathleen, no question. I just had to respond to Peter G. in his attack of your comments about freedom.

“Terrorism has taken its toll on all peoples. However, I fear the U.S. government much more.

“In my view, The United States is no longer a free society or a land of the brave. It has become a land of corruption. With Obamacare it may soon become the land of Death Panels that decide if the elderly live or die. Where is freedom in that?”

–Al F., United States (looking at Costa Rica or Panama)

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