Pousada Travel In Portugal

”Kathleen, the comments from your correspondent Paul Lewis earlier this week were on the mark. The pousadas of Portugal are great. I have stayed in many of them. Some more than once.  My favorite is the one in Setubal in the old castle high on the hill overlooking the bay. Walk up the entrance where the horses used to come and go.

”Setubal is a little south of Lisboa. Rent a car at the international airport. It’s about two hours from there to Setubal.”

— Elmore S., Panama Circle Member, United States


”Could you please send me information on the best places to live if you like rivers and mountains as much as I do?”

— Gloria P., El Salvador

Mainland Belize (rain forest-covered mountains and long, winding rivers ideal for kayaking, canoeing, and tubing) and the interior of Panama.

In both cases, the mountainous, river-crossed regions of these countries are also the most affordable.

Nicaragua, too, has great mountains and mountain towns. This country, though, boasts not top-tier rivers but a collection of beautiful lakes. Thus its reputation as the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.

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