Presidential Elections In Colombia

“Kathleen, excellent piece on the elections under way in Colombia. Having lived in Colombia in various cities as a Peace Corps volunteer and staff…married a beautiful Colombian and our son was born there…Colombia is my “patria chica” (homeland), as they say. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in this beautiful country with the best Spanish spoken in the interior…the best in Latin America!”

–Bob A., Colombia

No presidential candidate received the required 50% or more of the vote in yesterday’s elections in Colombia, meaning the two candidates who received the most votes (Zuluaga and Santos) will now compete in a runoff election to take place June 15. We’ll keep you posted.

“Kathleen, just want to thank you for all the information that I didn’t even know I needed. However, my brain is so full that I shall indeed rely on the audio of the conference you’ve promised to send. Mainly to convince our children that we have not lost our minds!”

–Denise C.., United States, attendee at last week’s Live and Invest in Colombia Conference

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