The Process Of Applying For Residency Overseas

“Kathleen, is it better to try to obtain a permanent residency visa while still in the United States and prior to moving to another country (I am specifically considering Mexico), or would it be better to wait until you are there on a tourist visa and begin the process there?

“Any suggestions appreciated.”

–Laura G., United States

It depends on the country. Some countries require you to apply for residency before arriving. France is one example. For other countries, including Panama, you have to be in the country to apply. In some cases, you can do it either way.

In the case of Mexico, you must begin the visa application process before arriving in the country.

Passing The Physical Exam When Applying For A Residency Visa

“Kathleen, I had the pleasure of attending one of your seminars and found it very informative. My cousin is very interested in moving to another country with the possibility of buying a property once he can finally make up his mind where it is he wants to go! He keeps asking me numerous questions since he knows I went to one of your seminars and is driving me crazy!

“The main problem for him is that he has a serious medical condition which I am sure would limit him in relocating and obtaining residency in most if not all countries. My question to you is, is there any way he can relocate to a nice, safe, cheap country where they are more lenient with medical checks and/or he can get an investment visa where they don’t ask for a medical certification? I have tried to check for him but I am not finding anything.

“What are your thoughts on this?”

–Robert B., United States

I think your cousin has many options. Many countries don’t require a physical exam as part of the residency visa application process.

I’d suggest that your cousin focus on identifying places where he’d like to move. Then he can review the residency visa requirements for those places specifically and eliminate any where a physical exam might be a problem.

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