Property Investing In Panama City

“Kathleen, myself and friends from the Rep of Ireland visited Panama City for the first time recently to check in on our investments made last October, on your advice. We were very impressed and had an enjoyable time. We will be back soon.”

–Maria D., Ireland

“So the United States is a bully to expect everyone, not just poorer people, to pay their taxes?!

“Kathleen, do you go to sleep happy helping people unfairly take advantage of the system? I guess I thought it was just horrible huge corporations who evade taxes. I just do not understand how people think and how their greed shuts down the justice portion of their brain. Even Warren Buffet and Bill Gates disagree that it is fair for their secretaries to pay more tax than they do! Will watch your info with sad disrespect now.”

–Hilary B., United States

Banking privacy need have nothing to do with taxes… evading them or anything else.

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