“Cuenca, Ecuador, A Good Place To Live?! What Are You Thinking?”…

“Kathleen, can you explain to me how Cuenca, Ecuador, is a good place to live/retire?

“Elevation is over 8,000 feet, and the weather is almost always cold and cloudy! This week’s forecast: High 59 degrees Fahrenheit with 20% chance of rain all week.”

— Steven H., Canada

The average high temperature in Cuenca (which, yes, sits at about 8,000 feet) year-round is 69 degrees, with very low humidity. The average low is 49 degrees. That average is for every month of the year (that is, it’s not an average of extremes of winter and summer).

For many, that’s the definition of ideal weather. Not so hot that you ever need air conditioning, and not so cold that you need heat. Evidently, you have a different idea…and fair enough. As we remind readers often, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all retirement haven. What’s paradise for me may be some level of Dante’s Inferno for you.

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