Qualifying For Residency And Citizenship And A Passport In Uruguay

“Kathleen, can you tell me what is required for someone on Social Security to get a Uruguay passport and is it legal to have a second passport?

“Also, do you have to have a bank account to have a Uruguay passport?”
–Mike L., United States

As long as your Social Security is enough to qualify for residency (about US$1,000, determined on a case-by-case basis), then that’s all you’ll need. Your Social Security can be combined with other permanent income, if necessary to meet the minimum income requirements.

Yes, it’s legal to have a second passport; Uruguay has no limit on the number of citizenships you hold, so there’s no need to renounce your home-country citizenship when acquiring Uruguayan citizenship.

To qualify for a Uruguayan passport and Uruguayan citizenship you must be a legal resident of the country for between three and five years, depending on your situation.

Note that, to maintain your residency status in Uruguay, you need be in the country only once every three years. Citizenship in Uruguay, however, is intended for people intending to live in the country. When you apply, they’ll want to verify that you’ve in fact been residing in Uruguay on a fairly regular basis.

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