Qualifying For Residency In Belize Through The QRP Retirement Residency Program

“Kathleen, I have read with keen interest the info you sent on Belize. I am retired and would like to pursue this opportunity. I am eligible to receive pension in the amount of about US$1,500 per month in total. However, I have read that the requirement is US$2,000 per month in Belize for pensionado status. Is this correct?

“I look forward to hearing from you before I proceed to purchase your report on Belize.”

–Thomas M., United States

Yes, to qualify for the QRP program you must be able to show income of at least US$2,000 per month. Note that this needn’t be “pension” income. Any reliable income can qualify.

The QRP program comes with advantages and benefits (as a QRP, you get breaks from import duties when bringing your personal goods and a vehicle in the country, for example); however, it is not the only way to qualify for residency in Belize. It is also possible to obtain permanent residency in this country simply by showing up as a tourist, obtaining a tourist visa, and renewing that tourist visa every 30 days for a year. During this time, you can’t leave the country except in the case of (documented) emergency (and not for more than two weeks in total…you have to be in the country at least 50 of 52 weeks in the 12-month period). After that first year, you then apply for permanent residency, which is ordinarily readily granted (typically in about two months). When you’ve obtained that status, you’re free to come and go as you like.

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