Quality Of Food In Uruguay, Panama, And Ecuador

“Kathleen, your recent article ‘Swimming in a Blue Ocean of Upside‘ was outstanding. Loving numbers, this is the nuts and bolts I really appreciate. I signed up for Lief’s letters recently.

“Love what I analyzed of Uruguay from various sources. However, quite a distance from the States. Concern about Panama is hot weather.

“Could you write an article on food? Is it as commercialized in the countries you recommend as in the States? Mostly organic? This is important to me as our foods are debunked here. I think a lot of people would like to know. I was presently surprised at the food quality of Ecuador, but that country is not for me. They don’t keep their commitments at all in my experience.

“You’re doing a terrific job. Thanks again for the numbers.”

–Thomas C., United States

Good feedback and much appreciated. We’ll remember your suggestions in future coverage.

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