Racism In Cuenca, Ecuador

“Kathleen, you’re incredibly honest without being offensive. Thanks for your interesting take on Boquete.

“With warm regards.”

–Steven W., United States


“Kathleen, in my research of Cuenca, I have come across reviews of overt racism toward Blacks. As an African American looking to explore the possibility of relocating to Cuenca, I’m wondering if you or any staff member(s) can shed some light on this matter. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

“We have scheduled a visit to Cuenca for this September but can truly save my money for another locale if necessary.”

–Michael M., United States

Latin America Correspondent Lee Harrison, who lived in Ecuador for several years, replies:

When I first moved to Cuenca, I was amazed to find no racism…or so I thought. The truth was that racism existed. However, it was not directed at African Americans, but, rather, at indigenous people, so I failed to recognize it right away.

During all my time in Ecuador, though, I didn’t see any racism directed at Black American people by Ecuadorians.

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