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“Kathleen, I wanted to write to say thank you for your regular updates regarding overseas investment. I have been considering investment in Belize for two years now, and feel I am close to being ready to take the plunge. I would have loved to attend your January conference in Belize, but unfortunately I am prevented by family commitments.

“My wife and I, though, are planning to visit Belize later in the New Year. If there is anybody you could recommend for me to be in touch with–real estate agents, bankers, expats, or your own reps–I would be extremely grateful. We will be staying on Ambergris Caye, but this is very much a fact-finding trip rather than a vacation, so any help you could provide would be eternally appreciated.

“Many thanks to you in advance.”

–Dolph T., United States

I’ve asked our Belize Correspondent Phil Hahn to contact you directly. He should be in touch.

For local banking in this country, we recommend Atlantic Bank.

For an offshore bank account in this country, consider Caye Bank.

For help with a property search on Ambergris, you could get in touch here.

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