Real Estate In Ireland…

“Kathleen, do you still have a place in Ireland? If so, do you and Lief still recommend buying a place there, given the devalued euro economies? I am not trying to put you on the spot, but given your time living there, I thought you might have a feel for the situation.”

— Colleen M., United States

It depends why you’re shopping. If you’re looking for an investment, no, I wouldn’t recommend Ireland today. If, though, you’re in the market for a vacation or a retirement home and want to spend time in this country, then, yes, this could be the best time in some time to take a look.

Ireland imposes no property tax, meaning your carrying costs are limited to maintenance. On the other hand, up-front transactions costs are high.

The collapse of the Irish property market coupled with the euro’s recent tumble against the dollar means that real estate in this country is more of a bargain than it’s been in more than a decade. Again, though, don’t buy with a profit agenda…only for lifestyle.

Finally, be ready to dicker. It’s a buyer’s market, and the asking price for any piece of property on the Emerald Isle right now is only a starting point for discussion.


“Kathleen and staff, your new website looks terrific! Congratulations. I know you all have been working long and hard, and your efforts have paid off beautifully.

“I’m hoping to see the new logo and updated graphics approach reflected in your daily e-mail communications (which is just about the only face you present to me; I seldom visit your site, so well satisfied am I by your everyday updates via e-mail).

“One more thing. You were magnanimous to post that reader’s ridiculous rant the other day and kind and patient in your reply. As I see it, none of your postings have ever attempted to obscure the fact that you and your husband have been successful in making investments overseas. To me, far from being a conflict of interest, it’s a resounding endorsement, precisely the kind of advice most readers are hoping to get from you.”

— D.H.B., United States

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