Real Estate In Panama City

“Kathleen, you mentioned that you like the neighborhood where you live in Panama City now. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the name of this place?”

— Jim W., United States

We’re living in Marbella, which we’re finding to be the most comfortable (that is, convenient, pleasant, quiet, and shaded) neighborhood in all Panama City. This is one of the few areas of downtown where you find single-family homes with private gardens.

As is common in Latin America, these houses are deceptive when viewed from the street. The front gardens are nicely landscaped and tidy, but they don’t do justice to what often lies behind the front wall or gate. We found a four-bedroom home with an office, a family room, a full laundry area, and a large back yard bordered by mature trees and flower beds.

The rent is at the high end of this market but no more than we were paying elsewhere. And the quality-of-life factor in this neighborhood is hard to beat. I think it must be one of but a handful of areas in the entire city where no new construction is taking place (meaning no construction noise and no construction mess)!

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