Real Estate Investment In Istanbul, Turkey

Kathleen, wonderful. For me these activities come from the heart. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings. Enjoyed your wonderful thoughts.”

–Margaret T., United States


“Kathleen, this post from you recently caught my eye:

“‘Istanbul: An exploding local demand is fueling a housing boom in this beautiful and historic megacity. Half the population of Turkey is younger than 30 years old, and the country sees 350,000 weddings a year. All these new couples want places of their own to live, and, thanks to the strong and expanding economy, more of these young couples than ever can afford places of their own.

“‘Still, right now, the starting market price in Istanbul is US$1,000 a square meter, making this city a global bargain. You can get into a rental with as little as US$50,000, and less than US$25,000 down buys you pre-construction yields of up to 15% per year.

“‘My Istanbul contacts will be in Panama with me for the 2016 Global Property Summit to share the details.’

“Unfortunately, I will be travelling in Asia at the time of your March Global Summit in Panama. Otherwise, I would be there. But I would very much appreciate hearing more about these opportunities in Istanbul. Thank you.”

–Barbara S., United States

Istanbul is squarely on our radar, and, yes, we’ll be reporting more soon. Watch this space.

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