Real Estate On The Copper Coast

“We read your recent report regarding relocating to Copper Coast, Ireland. We understand there are no real estate bargains in Ireland like there would be in Latin America. But could you give us an idea as to the kind of prices we could expect to find on the Copper Coast?

“We traveled throughout Ireland back in 1973 and found it to be a charming country.”

— Doug and Miriam C., United States

Ireland Correspondent Lynn Mulvihill replies:

“It’s almost a year since I compiled our Retirement Report on the Copper Coast, but, as it’s an area I’m personally interested in, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the market.

“As I advised in the report, don’t be misled by any listed price. Most asking prices represent wishful thinking on the part of the seller. While current prices along this stretch of coast appear to be in line with last year’s prices, anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise. One estate agent, with whom we viewed a cottage in the Annestown area last year, called my husband last month to tout a similar property now on his books. He told us upfront that the house is listed at 295,000 euro (US$363,311), but that the seller would probably let it go for 200,000 euro (US$246,312). ‘There’s no reason you couldn’t start bidding around 180,000 euro (US$221,684) and be taken seriously,’ he explained.

“If cozy cottage living appeals, there’s a three-bed, recently renovated cottage on a large site, near Stradbally village, asking 195,000 euro (US$240,176). At the other end of the scale, a five-bed, 3,500-square-foot Georgian house, surrounded by 1 acre of landscaped gardens, is marked at a reduced price of 650,000 euro (US$800,588). This property is also in Stradbally, hands down the prettiest village along the coast, with a sheltered golden-sand beach.

“The bottom line point is that this market continues very soft and depressed. To get the real story on any listing, you need to be on the ground to probe the agent.”

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