Real Life Retire Overseas Experiences Shared At Orlando Retire Overseas Conference

“Kathleen, just wanted to say that I enjoyed the seminar this week in Orlando and really got a lot out of the presentations and just listening to the people who have had the experiences. The show was done very well. You really packed every day with a lot of time with the expert expats (or is it more proper to call you guys expat experts?).

“Hope you got my note about the DOCG area for the Prosecco. Sorry I didn’t run into you again after practicing how to pronounce Valdobbiadene. I may have put an extra ‘n’ in the name on my note…”

–Bob O., United States

Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you this week and to have a chance to chat at the cocktail party. I appreciate the tip to do with one of my favorite things (Prosecco or, in fact, sparkling wine of any variety!). Very glad to hear you found the conference worthwhile. Please keep in touch.

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