Realities Of Living In Belize

“Kathleen, I was disappointed and even aggravated at the reader who accused you recently of sugar-coating your coverage of Belize for financial purposes because you did not mention the presence of insects and snakes in this country.

“You have always pointed out that Belize is a tropical climate. It would seem to me that anyone who has studied high school geography would have learned that two characteristics of a tropical climate are insects and snakes. So I would think it omitting these facts on every reference would not be sugar-coating and including them might be insulting one’s intelligence.

“Also, I worked in Placencia (I admit, some time ago), but, at that time, it was a lovely, laid-back, tropical paradise. You did have to go to Belize City for medical care and shopping, but the people in Placencia were wonderful. It was a delightful place to be.”

–Renee S., United States

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