Reasons Not To Retire Overseas

“Kathleen the TP issue is the tiny tip of the ‘try it before you buy it’ aspect of the move overseas question. If humans aren’t a little bit quirky, then they are no fun to be around, but it means different folks have wildly different attractions and phobias. Flies don’t bother me, but if my sister had been along for these three years in Karachi she would have returned home catatonic.

“Though the TP thing is probably shared, there are probably 100 things like it that no one would think to ask a current resident. Maybe 98 will be fine, but if the other two really push your buttons. You need to find out before you commit. And no one else knows exactly what they are, so there really isn’t a good survey that will capture them. If someone asks ‘What would really make you uncomfortable?’ I doubt that one in a million would respond, ‘Having to dispose of TP outside the commode.’ Maybe six people on the planet.

“Keep up the good and entertaining work, and see you in Nashville. Looking for a flight from Afghanistan.”

–Chuck G., Afghanistan

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