Reasons To Retire To Casco Viejo, Panama

“Kathleen, my wife and I attended the conference in Panama last week and, though I did not get a chance to meet you, I want to thank you for signing my book. I am glad to hear you are doing better.

“If you are interested here are some highlights from my experience at the seminar:

  1. I liked the lecture by Panama expat Denise MacDonald and thought it gave the seminar a human touch.
  2. I liked the tourist guide Kevin. I had asked him if our names were registered for the tour, and he could not find our name, but later came into the lecture hall just to tell me we were on the list.
  3. I enjoyed the down to earth approach lecture by banker Peter Zipper and found him to be informative and, as well, enjoyed his dry sense of humor.
  4. During the break I found some of the investing prospects worth doing, but first I must do my 2013 taxes.
  5. I do not remember his name, but I liked the passion of the guy from Nicaragua.
  6. Attending the seminar with North Americans helped me to realize that if I would retire in Latin America I would want my community to be culturally diverse.
  7. I thought the older couple that picked us up at the airport was wonderful. I liked them so much that I called them for our departure back home.
  8. Finally, if I was to retire in Panama I think I found the place I would want to live: Casco Viejo. Observing the traffic in Panama City made me realize I would not own a car, and in Casco Viejo we could walk the narrow brick streets of the old city and find our every need.

Thank you for an informative, pleasant vacation. Your staff did a wonderful and professional job.”

–Joe G., United States

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