Receiving Social Security Benefits Overseas

“Kathleen, we are ready to make the leap to Ecuador but really want someone to hold our hands along the way during the process to ensure we don’t make a misstep. Who will do this for us? We want help with immigration, pets, housing, insurance, visas, etc. Suggestions?”

–Lynn H., United States

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“Kathleen, could a person still receive their Social Security benefits and have that be considered the monthly income when qualifying for the residency programs you write about? I have no other savings.”

–Marie R., United States

Yes, you can continue to receive your Social Security no matter where in the world you’re living. In many countries you can even arrange to have your monthly payment direct deposited into your local (foreign) bank account. More on this here.

And, yes, your Social Security income can be used to qualify for some residency programs, in particular “pensionado” programs requiring some minimum amount of guaranteed pension income (as in Panama, Nicaragua, Belize, Ecuador, Uruguay, etc.).

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