Social Security Disability Payments

“Kathleen, can I have my disability check forwarded to me in another country to help with my living costs there?”

–John S., United States

If it’s a Social Security disability check, it depends where you move. Social Security will direct deposit checks in banks in certain other countries but not all. The list is here.

Otherwise, you could have your disability check direct deposited into your U.S. bank account and then access the money using an ATM anywhere in the world.


“Kathleen, I read your online article about great places to retire. I was interested in a lot of your comments because of a project that I would like to launch. I visited your website and found the e-mail ad and signed up.

“Firstly, I apologize if this seems like a waste of your time, but I really hope you can offer a direction although this is not your area of expertise. I am wanting to establish a program for people of other countries to come to the United States for short stays for language, culture, and geographical type learning. But I am finding it very difficult to get good information on how to proceed. I am needing sort of the reverse of what you do.

“Do you know someone or some book or some other resource in this area that might be relevant? Thank you in advance for any guidance you may choose to provide.”

–Nicole W., United States

Unfortunately, no, I don’t know of a general resource to suggest that might help with your plan. I’d say, though, that one of the biggest problems you’ll face will be to do with visas. The United States is increasingly the most difficult place to travel to as a non-citizen. Nationals of most countries worldwide are now required to obtain a visa to enter the United States. The process is not always straightforward, and visa approval cannot be taken for granted.

One strategy could be to focus your marketing on the visa-waiver countries. More on this here.

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