Recommended Attorney For Belize

“Kathleen, I have been following you since before you moved to Ireland many years ago. I followed you to your own company and have never regretted any information you have provided except maybe information overload sometimes.

“Anyway, I am jetting off tomorrow to Belize. Mostly to visit my parents who moved there last year February. However, I am also going to be looking at land, houses, and vehicles while I am there. They love it there, and they moved mostly on a recommendation I made based on information provided by you in various iterations. I plan to move there next spring to be close to them and to enjoy my own retirement.

“My question has to do with an attorney there in Belize. I read in your most recent letter about one in Belize. I was wondering if I could get his name and look him up while I am there?”

–James S., United States

Yes, of course. You can get in touch with our preferred Belize attorney, Ryan Wrobel, here.

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