Relocating Overseas Without Your Spouse

“Aloha, Kathleen. I’ve been an avid admirer and reader of your e-mails for the past six months. I’m in the process of divorcing my husband who is stuck in Hawaii and not interested in moving abroad. I see that I haven’t received an e-mail from you or Lief now in two weeks. I am an expat from Europe, lived there for 10 years and afterwards had two businesses in the Philippines for 18 years. Why did you and Lief stop writing? Miss you both and the valuable advice.


“After this divorce I’ll be ready to leave the States again. More e-mails, please.”


–Stephanie H., United States


Yours is probably the first communication we’ve ever had from a reader asking us to send more e-mails. No problem. We’ll check our systems and get you back on the list asap.

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