Relocation Help For Retirees In Panama

Relocation Help For Retirees In Panama

“Kathleen, I have been reading your daily dispatches for some time. You make Panama sound interesting, but I have a question.

“I am a 60-year-old retired gentleman with an ongoing pension of US$2,600 per month. I am single and have no dependents. It would appear from your discussions that I could live in Panama comfortably.

“I have spent considerable time in Costa Rica, but I did not care for it because of the ongoing crime around San Jose and anywhere where there are Americans.

“I’m looking now at Panama. If I decide to relocate to this country, is there a way to have a person guide me through the various aspects of establishing a life there?

“I speak a minimal amount of Spanish, but I realize not enough. I’m afraid I will be at a loss to find the various necessities of life. I understand you have a person and can help me find a rental. But I need help with many other things.

“How do I find a housekeeper or the best market to go to or the better restaurants to eat in? Where would I go for medical help and dental care? How would I arrange for a driver for an extended period of time, say three or four weeks, to find out how to get around?

“When I was 30 years old, I would have done these things on my own and thought nothing of it. At this point in my life, though, I’d like to know if this kind of help is available and at what cost?”

— George K., United States

Our Panama Circle VIP membership was created with your name on it, dear reader.

The Panama Circle is for you and every reader like you who’s ready to pursue seriously the idea of a new life in Panama…but not ready to run himself ragged in the process.

Think of it as arranging your very own Personal Assistant in Panama City. Marion DeMena, Panama Circle Member Liaison, is an experienced Executive Assistant. She’s also a German who’s been living in Panama for more than 30 years. Marion knows how to get things done in this country and where to go to find whatever you’re looking for. When you become a member of the Panama Circle, Marion is standing by to put her talents and her long experience helping people get established in this country to work for you.

To date, Marion has assisted Panama Circle members with everything from airport transfers to hotel reservations…from long-term apartment rentals to opening bank accounts…from sourcing products for export to scheduling appointments with attorneys, bankers, real estate agents, physicians, and other resources throughout the country.

Marion can (and will, once you’re a Panama Circle member) walk you through the process of having cable and Internet installed in your new apartment, furnishing your new home, even choosing a restaurant for dinner.