Remote Access For Live And Invest Overseas Conferences

“Kathleen, I’m writing in response to the reader who wrote to you to accuse you, saying, ‘You also recommend many places like Nicaragua who have corrupt governments.’

“Actually, all governments are corrupt. Corruption is synonymous with government. The United States has one of the most corrupt governments on earth. European governments are likewise corrupt.”

–Greg F., United States

“Kathleen, any chance of offering your one-day Expo via a conference bridge? It’s hard to fly down for a day, but an online/phone version would be really helpful! Easy to attend without the hassle and cost of travel.”

–George S., United States

Very good suggestion that we will consider for next time.

Meantime, please watch for the home conference kit we’ll offering following both the one-day Retire Overseas Expo and the three-and-a-half day Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando later this month. The complete bundle of recorded presentations will be available in each case.

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