Renewing Global Entry From Outside The United States

“Kathleen, a couple of days ago, in the Offshore Living Letter, Lief wrote a column titled ‘Why I’m Applying For Global Entry.’ We have been members (for lack of a better word) of Global Entry for several years and have found it to be very beneficial. We’re now living in Ecuador and have reached the point where we need to look into renewing it.

“What we would love to know is whether Lief (or anyone else there) knows how to go about this when you live overseas and not in the states? We’ve tried the appropriate government links for information without ever having received a response. If you guys have any information on renewing from outside the country, or links we could try, we’d very much appreciate knowing them!

“Thanks in advance for any information you can give us!

“Always enjoy your publications and newsletters.”

–Deborah D., United States

Latin America Correspondent and Overseas Property Alert Editor Lee Harrison just renewed his Global Entry status and reports that he had to go for an interview, to have a new photograph taken and his passport verified.

The best option is to renew online and then schedule the required in-person interview during a stopover in Miami or another point of entry into the United States.

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