Rental Costs In Medellin, Colombia

“Kathleen, I recently read one of your newsletters on Medellin, Colombia, and was quite interested in possibly relocating there. I have issue with one statement in your letter. You say:

“‘Or you could rent a nice, modest apartment in a good neighborhood for US$400 a month…or less.’

“Sounded great. We did some research into realty companies and started making calls. They started sending us links to properties…beautiful properties. None came close to US$400. The closest came in at over US$800/month. When I asked about the US$400 to US$500/month apartments one said only unfurnished might be at that rate and the others flat out said ‘no.’

“Am I missing something?”

–Ellie W., United States

I’d say the explanation has to do with two things–location and language.

The US$400- to US$500-a-month apartments I’ve referenced in the past would be found not in El Poblado or along the Golden Mile or any other central, sought-after location. They’d be found in the more local neighborhoods.

Which means you’ll find them only by speaking the local language–Spanish.

Search online in English or contact an English-speaking property agent, and you’re likely going to find out about the more central, higher-priced options. For the local bargains, you need to shop in the local neighborhoods the way the locals do…by word-of-mouth…and en español.

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