Renting Vs Buying Property Overseas

Congrats for not telling the Tucson individual that he is using fuzzy logic (or perhaps he is suffering from Arizona sunstroke). Right. You’ve got to compare all costs, not oranges versus apples! Ha.

Love your book and your newsletter.”

–Steve G., Colorado, United States (up to my elbows in snow today)


In a recent newsletter you were asking/stating that, if a person cannot afford a US$40,000 mortgage, how can they afford US$700 in rent?

“There are a lot of people (myself included) who could pay cash for basically any house they choose to buy in this market but who decide to rent for ease of moving around or simply because they don’t want to buy in an uncertain real estate market.

“Renters (of whom I became one these past couple of years) are not all poor!”

–Barb B., United States

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