Republican And Democratic Party Positions On Obamacare

“Kathleen, I agree wholeheartedly with David H. about your polarizing comments. I have been interested in learning about retiring overseas as a means to escape the right wing crazies and restore some balance to my life. It really seems as though you are marketing to and targeting that group. I don’t want to invest anymore time if all I can hope for is to wind up in recommended hot spots with a bunch of lunatics. I will be very interested to see if your comments become more balanced, and, if not, I will stop reading.”

–Teresa M., United States


“Kathleen, interesting how David H. chose to insult the ‘R’s’ after scolding you for ‘polarizing’ the issue. Do as I say not as I do, I guess. Anyway not sure who made him the arbitrator of what is good insurance and not. I was perfectly happy with my insurance before Obamacare was forced down my throat.”

–Chris M., United States

“Kathleen, are Social Security payments taxed by the U.S. government when you live overseas?”

–Brian K., United States

Yes, just as though you were living in the States. That is, if any amount would be taxable were you living in the United States, it remains taxable by the U.S. if you’re living outside the States.

Other pension income may be taxed in your country of residence only if the United States has a tax treaty with that country. If no tax treaty is in place, you’ll have to confirm what tax is due locally with a tax advisor in the country where you are moving. Many countries don’t tax pension income at all.

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