Residency In Belize

“Thanks for all the information that you have been e-mailing me. I have a few questions.

“Your letter has stated that a person can qualify for residency in Belize if you can prove that your non-working in Belize income is US$2,000 per month or more. Is the US$2,000 per month per person or per couple?

“Is it possible to come to Belize and find out about the country in detail on your own? I missed your conference. How many days would be reasonable? What time of the year would be best? What time of the year would be worst?

“What is the history of hurricanes hitting Belize?

“Also, I don’t understand how you say there are so many bargains overseas when shows like House Hunter’s International on HGTV seem to show only places for sale starting in the seven-figure range, even in Central American countries?

“Thanks again for your letter.”

— Bruce K., United States

Let’s take the second part of your question first.

House Hunter’s International is geared toward a different audience than our readership. Sure, you can seek out US$1 million-plus properties throughout Central America and the Caribbean, as House Hunter’s does. But the bargains we write about are there, too.

Now your main question: Yes, you can get to know Belize without attending one of our conferences. I’d say to give yourself two weeks in the country at least. Joining us for an in-country event fast-forwards the process, saving you not only time but money and hassle, as well. We’ll be hosting our next Live & Invest in Belize event in February If you don’t want to wait that long, yes, of course, you can go it on your own.

The US$2,000 per month required for QRP residency status in Belize is per household.

Yes, Belize gets hurricanes. The season begins in June and continues through November. When we were in the country last month for our conference, we raced Hurricane Alex up the coast from Placencia to Belize City and then hopped on our plane to Panama City about one hour before the airport was closed temporarily due to the strong winds.

Alex didn’t do any damage to speak of, but he stirred things up for a couple of days.

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