Residency Program In Ecuador For Citizenship

“Kathleen, I find the message by Ben U. on the subject of your Holocaust comparison grossly overbearing. Though I find most comparisons to the Holocaust to be exaggerations, the Holocaust is now frequently used to express deep concern. There are comparisons that are valid, such as against murderous wars the United States has conducted globally, in Southeast Asia, Central America, Iraq, Af-stan, et al., but those comparisons our media do not make. AIPAC is a supporter of U.S. war policies. I would be ashamed to associate myself with those lobbyists.”

–Alvin H., United States


“Kathleen, thanks for all your good and accurate information in the Offshore Living Letter from Lief Simon and your Live and Invest Overseas emails.

“Just one addition to the three-year citizenship-for-residency list: Ecuador, the country where I am currently residing. Ecuador has a three-year continuous-residency requirement for citizenship, which can be incorporated onto the end of the two-year in-country requirement for permanent residency.

“The only catch is that the two-year permanent residency allows no more than 90 days absence from Ecuador during each of the 2 years, while the total of absences allowed during the 3 years to qualify for citizenship can be no more than 90 days total during this entire period. (My plan is to limit my trips back to the United States to 29 days per year for my residency qualification and leave my options available for the third year. Wish me luck!)

“Couldn’t have made this move without LIOS. Thanks again and keep up the great info and conferences. I’m a graduate of your Quito event, class of September 2014.


–Bob F., Ecuador

Yes, we know about the three-year residency requirement for citizenship in Ecuador. However, the limited ability to be out of the country (which you mention) along with the facts that Ecuador doesn’t recognize dual citizenship and that an Ecuadorian passport is a poor-value travel document keep us from recommending Ecuador as a good second-passport option.

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