A Glimpse of Medellin

“Kathleen, as you have been reporting, Medellin is indeed a beautiful city. I have been going there at least two times a year for the past nine years. Soon after I leave I have the desire to return. The mountains are breathtaking, and the people are extremely friendly.

“I own an apartment in the area near the sports stadium in Estadio near the stop on the metro. A great place to enjoy a morning walk. Avenida 70 has improved greatly and is great to go for some people watching and to catch a snack. The shopping centers of Poblado are amazing and worth an afternoon of leisure whether you buy or do not buy anything.

“But let me warn you Medellin is addictive, its people and its geography. Some Colombian’s have suggested that I show Medellin to my American friends so they can see it through my eyes and senses. Medellin is a sensual city, meaning it is to be enjoyed through the senses. Its music and its culture.”

–Steve S., United States

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