Resources For Purchasing An Apartment In Montmartre, Paris

“Kathleen, I’ve been reading your newsletters for a few years now. They are great! Thank you for sharing these great snippets of your life with us.

“I bought your recent book and several of the country city guides, too, especially the ones on France. They’re very helpful to get me started.

“I’d love to move to Paris, and I’m actually working on a plan. I am getting pre-approved by a bank for a mortgage. I have a contact at Credit Foncier. Fingers crossed that all works out. I want to buy an apartment in Paris and rent it out until I move into it. I am planning to visit in March or April. I like Montmartre a lot. You’re right. I think this is a good spot to buy.

“Anyway, I wonder if you’d be willing to share some contacts with me? Specifically the people you work with to find and purchase a place? And the property manager in Paris that you speak of so highly?

“Those are two areas where I’m a bit stuck. Those are so key in the whole process and hard to find on my own. Plus, it is hard to find and assess folks from overseas.

“Keep on writing. It’s so enjoyable to read!

“Also, do you do consultations? I hope to get to a point in my plan where I could use a second opinion, especially to point out any issues.”

–Reba H., United States

The real estate agent we’re working with for our current search in Montmartre (and who we recommend highly) is Kim Bingham with the Philip Hawkes agency. You can reach her directly here:

Our notaire in Paris (who we worked with 10 years ago for our first purchases in this city and who we are working with again for this current purchase) is Stephan Adler. You can contact him here:

Another resource in Paris I’d recommend is Jean Taquet, who is an American attorney and also a French jurist and who can help with things like residency and the French bureaucracy.

Our property manager Linda doesn’t cover Montmartre. However, Kim can put you in touch with rental managers who do. We’ll be taking Kim’s recommendation for a manager to work with ourselves for whatever we end up buying in this part of the city.

Finally, yes, we do offer a consulting service, if you’re interested. However, if you have just a few simple questions (such as the ones you’ve raised here), we’re happy to answer via e-mail (no charge).

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