Resources For The Purchase Of Property In Portugal

“Kathleen, I’m a longtime subscriber. Noted you bought property in Lagos, Portugal. For future reference would you mind letting me know who you used as the real estate broker?

“Also, what is the name of lawyer, and are you happy with their services?

“Are you using a separate fiscal agent (for local taxes), or is the lawyer doing it?”

–Dorothy P., United States

We worked with long-time friend and colleague Luis da Silva to find our property. Luis is focused on residential developments and services to serve the growing retirement market in the Algarve, both sales and rentals.

The attorney we’re using is Joáo Gil Figueira from Lugna. His is a legal and tax advisory firm, and, yes, Joáo and his firm are managing everything for us, including setting up our fiscal agent (required for the purchase of property in Portugal).


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