Restaurant Taxes And Tipping In The Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, thank you for publishing and responding to my comments. It sounds like the question and Mr. Detrich’s comments are upsetting to you, I know they are upsetting to me. You are absolutely correct about corruption, danger, and all the rest of the negatives being found just about anywhere.

“I have followed your career through your books and articles and have found you to be upbeat and positive about your experiences. They have been inspiring to me, and I will continue to believe that Panama continues to be at the top of my list, should I decide to make a move. Thank you for your inspiring articles.”

–Bill G., United States


“Lief, I read that the Dominican Republic has an 18% sales tax on restaurant meals. This is disturbing. It could reflect a soak-the-rich attitude on the part of the government. Are there other taxes in this country we should know about?”

–Mark T., United States

The sales tax in the DR is 16% with a reduced rate of 13% for groceries.

Many restaurants add a 10% tip to the bill, as well.

I think not-rich people eat in restaurants, too, so I wouldn’t read too much into this.

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