Restrictions On Foreign Property Ownership In Mexico

“Kathleen, I just read the article about jungle lots at Riviera Maya. It was my impression that U.S. citizens can not directly purchase property in Mexico.

“Am I incorrect in this impression and is there some sort way to directly own property? Kindly let me know the facts.”

–John M., United States

It depends on what you mean by “directly.” Mexico imposes restrictions on foreign ownership of land within 50 kilometers of the coast and within 100 kilometers of a land border. However, they also, in the 1990s, made it possible for foreigners to hold property in these zones through a fideicomiso (bank trust). There have been rumblings that Mexico might eliminate this restriction altogether; however, currently the only way for a foreigner to hold property in the restricted zones is through a trust.

Outside these zones, foreigners, indeed, can own property in Mexico directly.

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