Retire Boquete, Panama

“Kathleen, Cynthia and I have made the decision to relocate to Boquete, Panama. We should be there by mid-summer. The international movers come next Monday.

“The critical information we gained as the result of your Live & Invest in Panama seminar in February has been very helpful in making all the arrangements. We were lucky to find an excellent real estate agent specializing in Boquete. He introduced us to an American builder and a fine Panamanian lawyer whose firm has been around over 100 years and whose mother was recently President of the Panamanian Supreme Court.

“We’re flying to David on April 16 and will be staying for 10 days. During that time we’ll probably purchase a piece of land, open up a retail banking account, meet with the builder, and have the lawyer draw up the immigration papers, create the foundation and the corporation, and handle any real estate closings. In addition, we’re opening up an account with Peter Zipper’s bank in Belize.

“There are a lot of logistical issues in doing all this, but, thankfully, we were forewarned at your seminar, so we’re taking it all in stride.

“My best to you and your staff.”

— Mike E., United States