Retire Croatia…Invest Brazil

“Kathleen, I am always thrilled to read your e-mails, which I have been receiving for quite some time now. I traveled to many exotic and beautiful countries as a child with my parents. When I grew up and got married, my husband and I lived in one area for most of our married life. Our vacations were short, mostly local, but enjoyable with our two beautiful children.

“Now, the children are all grown up, and I’m close to retirement. My wishes and desires always bring my thoughts back to my childhood, to the place where I grew up. Last summer I visited my home town, and I began to feel a serenity and peacefulness. The sea air and the pine trees attracted me deeply, and now that’s all I can think of. One of these days, when I grow up fully (into retirement), I would like to move there again.

“That special place is Croatia. I am wondering if you have any information or experience in that country? Please forward any information you may have on Croatia retirement!”

— Ivanka S., United States

I agree completely. Croatia is dazzling and irresistible, a place I often daydream about returning to myself.

Our complete Croatia Country Report, with full details on living and retiring to this country, is available here.


“Kathleen, Yani is not being fair in categorizing Brazil–a country that’s bigger than the continental United States–as having the worst people on earth…or the worst government. I’m willing to bet that his experience is far too limited to make such a sweeping statement. I’m sure hoards of expats would disagree.

“I’ve personally met many dozens of expats who are very happy in Brazil, and I have even bought there myself. Thousands of people are investing and relocating from all over the world. The Brazilian people are terrific, and in fact, that’s one of the reason’s it’s such a popular destination.

“I wonder where Yani actually lives, and why he’s stayed in ‘the worst place on earth’ for 14 years. He must be in a Brazilian prison somewhere.”

— Julie H., Brazil

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