Retire To Ecuador Or Thailand, Tuscany Or Provence

“Kathleen, just read your Belize conference post (one of them) that included a scroll down to a Barbara C.’s comments.

“Kudos to you that you jumped right in there and posted her replies to two of your short articles. I only read the first, Provence-Tuscany comparison article. However, my son and daughter-in-law lived in San Francisco for a number of years, so, yes, I know about the word ‘Frisco’ as it relates to that city, but the point is, it wouldn’t have bothered me one bit if I had read the word ‘Frisco’ in relationship to the second article. Good heavens. Isn’t there more in life to be concerned about than the word ‘Frisco’?

“Furthermore, after spending time in Ecuador and Thailand, I’ve been considering a visit to Tuscany and Provence and appreciated your snippet of information comparing the two. The only writing that came off (to me) as ‘annoying’ was Barbara C.’s comments. It takes all kinds, as I’m sure you know after all these years working your beats, as you say.

“I’ve been following you for a number of those years; purchased your hardcover ‘How To Retire Overseas’ book as soon as it came out. You have probably developed a method of not letting negative comments bother you (and, yes, some can be instructive; it’s all in the tone and manner given).

“Anyway, still thought after reading Barbara C.’s comments, which to me came off as a bit petty, you might like to read and pass on something more positive. We all need to hear something good, don’t we? So here it is:

“Thank you (and Lief) and your great team for helping me and so many others. Keep up the great work! You are all appreciated!

“Have a terrific, joyful day.”

–Kj H., United States

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