Retire Overseas Conference Aug. 29–31 In Nashville, Tennessee

“So glad to see this one in my home town.”

–Eddy W., Nashville

“Will you cover Croatia?”

–Charles M., United States

“At 77 I am concerned about companionship, health, and activity. Will you talk about these things?”

–Paul N., United States

“I’m an ORL member and longtime reader and live in Nashville. Count me in.”

–Rick H., Nashville

“My wife and I are less than 10 years to retirement and intend to leave the States at that time. We are excited to learn about the different locations that will be covered at this conference.”

–Chris D., United States

“Interested primarily in France and Spain but also the Caribbean Islands.”

–Karen J., United States

“We are looking to settle in an area of France sometime in 2015. We do not want to buy, just rent and tour Europe for a while. Then maybe just rent somewhere else. Would this conference help us make our plan?”

–Chris I., United States

“Very interested in this U.S. conference. This is what I have been waiting for.”

–Michelle D., United States

“Interested specifically in French Basque country.”

–Zoe W., United States

“Please let me know when I can sign up! I’m ready.”

–Richard B., United States

“I want to know as much as possible about these destinations before making a trip to any one of them so I’m very glad to hear about this event.”

–Frank V., United States

“Finally, a conference in my home area.”

–Jerry C., Nashville

“I have some upcoming travel plans but want to start considering my next adventure, with the possibility of buying property/investing outside the United States. Please let me know when registration for this event is open so that I can sign up. I want to coordinate my other travel plans around this.”

–Dudley H., United States

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