Retire Overseas Conference In San Antonio, Texas

“Kathleen, not too long ago you mentioned in your Mailbag the name and contact information for your preferred real estate agent in Paris. I have deleted that e-mail by mistake before I could write down the information. Would you please publish it again?”

–Mozart D., United States

The agent I’d recommend for help finding a place to buy in Paris is Hazan Immobilier, 145 rue St. Dominique, in the 7th arrondissement; tel. 33(0)1-53-59-59-53; website:

We met with Hazan agent Sandrine Bouvet during our most recent stay in Paris. We’re considering purchasing a (very) small apartment to use as a Paris office for the business, and Sandrine’s agency was advertising a couple of apartments that looked appropriate. She speaks good English, was very helpful, and followed up reliably.


“Kathleen, I have been reading your postings for the past few weeks. I must admit that I mainly skim, as they are very long! But I am intrigued by the prospect of moving from the United States to live a better quality of life than I can here in Rhode Island.

“Here’s my question: Do you plan to have any Live and Invest Overseas expos here in any U.S. cities? I think people here would be very interested in seeing photos, learning more about business and living opportunities in South, Central America, the Caribbean islands, and perhaps other places. I love the idea of an introductory one-stop shop to learn about many areas before venturing out to see for myself.”

–Heidi H., United States

Indeed. We include one U.S. event on our calendar each year. In 2013, we’ll be in San Antonio, Texas. Grab your cowgirl boots and meet us there.

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