Retire Overseas Expo In Houston?

“Kathleen, are you planning an Expo in the Houston area?”

–Dottie J., United States

Perhaps. This week’s event in Nashville was a great success. We’re working on the 2015 Retire Overseas Expo list now.

If you would like to cast a vote for other potential U.S. Expo host cities, send us a note to


“Kathleen, sorry I will not be at your Nashville event, as family duty calls. But I will be at next year’s event for sure.

“I made a list of questions that may be of help to the attendees to do with some of the more obscure retirement concerns. Please note these are totally tongue-in-cheek, and I apologize in advance to anyone who is offended:

“Which retirement location has the highest per capita over-65 swingers clubs (non-Internet based)?

“Which countries allow for over-65 driver’s license conversion without an eye exam?

“Which cities begin happy hour at 3 p.m.?

“Which countries outlaw males from wearing Speedo swimwear after the age of 30? Which declare it a felony if over the age of 65?

“Hawaii is known for the Ironman Competition. Is there any country that has a Geritol Competition?

“Which country has laws against teenage music being played at excessive levels? Which has laws against teenage music? Which has laws against teenagers?

“Hope that adds to the humorous side of the conference.”

–Robert J., United States

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