One-Day Retire Overseas Expo In Orlando Is Only US$99


“Kathleen, I’d love to attend your Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando. But I cannot make all of the days. The 13th through 16th is too long for me to get away from work right now. Can a person attend for part of the time? Is there another way to get access to the information presented at your conference?”

–Charles K., United States

I’m happy to be able to say that, for the first time ever, yes, it’s possible to participate this year even if you can’t afford the time to be with us for all four days of this important annual event. We’ve conceived this year’s conference so that the first day, Sept. 13, is a standalone, one-day, fast-track program. It’s not the same as being in the room and participating in the dozens of sessions (more than 100, in fact) that we’ll be offering over the course of the full event, but this Express Pass day will give you a great and worthwhile abridged experience.

We’re calling this one-day event our Retire Overseas Expo. The cost is just US$99. If you live within driving distance of Orlando or if you want to hop a quick flight in and out, please don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Details are here.

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